I'm too old and too much of a mommy to be about that night life. I just found out that I'm very anemic. The doctor says that I'm down two pints of blood and the comments I got on FB after posting about it was "Where did your blood go?" (insert laugh here) and "How do you take in more blood?" I don't know the answer to either of those questions.
Apparently I have iron deficiency anemia.
So of course after I talk to the doctor I talk to my real doctor WebMD
and check off my symptoms...Iron deficiency anemia symptoms may include: extreme fatigue? Check! Shortness of breath? Check! Headaches? Check! Dizziness or lightheadedness? Check? Irritability? Check!  Unusual cravings for starch? Check!

Apparently I've been blaming being exhausted on my 2 year old and my shortness of breath while working out on being out of shape,
my headaches on my need for an updated eye script and my dizziness on standing up or moving around too fast, my irritability on the fact that sometimes I'm a bitch (I'm aware) and my craving for starch on the fact that starch is good. Bread? Yes. Pasta? Yes Please. Mashed Potatoes, French Fries? Loaded with bacon and cheese if possible Thank you very much. And that's just because it tastes so good and I like food.
But apparently it's so much more than that.
And when my doctor used the word transfusion it was one of the scariest words I've heard in a long time. But then the follow up was that it wasn't recommended yet. I could lose another 2 pints before we'd start talking transfusion at my age. Start with that next time please... and thank you

So I'll pop my iron pills with orange juice twice a day and hope for the best. I'd just be careful with bare necks around me. Just saying.

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