I've been writing since back in elementary school when my teacher taught us about similies and metaphors. I still have old black and white composition books with short poems and random drawings from too many years ago.
Writing is what I love. One of the things
I've been wanting to do a blog for the longest time. I don't get time to write in a diary anymore so since I'm on a computer most of the day most days this became the most obvious option to start writing again.
So I'm starting today....
With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas sneaking up on us right after that, it has me thinking....

Can we celebrate a holiday in its entirety before moving on to the next?
It's like having a conversation but instead of listening you're just waiting for your turn to talk
Can we let holidays be celebrated in the spirit in which they were intended?
Celebrating life and sacrifice and unity and not e-commerce and an overabundance of unnecessary things
I won't get into the celebration of Christ's birth for Christmas because even though that's the intention of Christmas it is so much more
and if you don't believe in Christ or just believe in another God, I don't judge. I only speak for myself and the holidays I celebrate.
But same things go for Kwanzaa and Hanakkuh
I am thankful on Thanksgiving but I try to be thankful all year round for all the blessings that I know I have
For Christmas I try to relinquish my realistic sensibilities and enjoy the magic of the holiday
celerate the tradition of family gatherings and the spirit of giving, peace on Earth and helping the less fortunate
but I've always been easy. I enjoy homemade cards and comic strip wrapping paper. I'm a girl at heart. A kid, really.
So I'll be excited to decorate for the holidays and get dressed up like my family always does and enjoy the lightheartedness of putting all differences aside and watching the joy on my daugther's face

Merry ThanksChrismakuh!

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